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Analysis:   breaking complex issues into understandable components

Synthesis:   assembling and communicating the critical building blocks required to comprehend complex issues

"My career work reflects these two notions. Complex issues can appear overwhelming until they are broken down into more manageable and understandable pieces.   Ideas are only useful when they can be communicated. Therefore the ability to place those pieces into a useful context and to reassemble them into a coherent if sometimes messy whole is just as important."  

Trained as a geologist at Brown University and currently holding a certified public accountant’s license for Alaska, Dan Dickinson has served in several state and municipal administrations, including time as the director of tax for the State of Alaska. His consulting practice concentrates on state and local taxes (SALT) with a focus on oil and gas. The spectrum of his work ranges from compliance and mechanics to long range fiscal policy issues.

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 Member of AICPA, IMA  and ASCPA